Lust for Darkness gif alpha demo download

Lust For Darkness – Alpha Demo Download

Lust For Darkness, a horror game that shows us the fine line between deep satisfaction and hell, and an alpha demo to download is walking on that line. In all seriousness though, players will probably be confused about their feelings while playing this game, and that’s entertaining to think about. A FPP psychological horror of […]

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Thy Sword gif pre-beta download

Thy Sword – Pre-Beta Demo Download

Thy Sword, aside from having an awesome name, has an adventure that looks simple yet really fun. Download the pre-beta demo and see if the trailer for it holds up. A hack n’ slash platformer with roguelike elements. It draws inspiration from Conan the Barbarian and great games like Barbarian, Golden Axe and Moonstone. Procedural […]

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Survived By gif alpha sign up

Survived By – Alpha Sign-Up

Survived By, an Massive Multiplay Online game, bullet-hell and permadeath? You probably don’t want to miss this alpha out! A free-to-play MMO bullet-hell game where permadeath is just the beginning. Every time you die, you’re survived by a new descendant who carries a small part of your legacy with them. Sign up for the alpha […]

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Archimoulin gif Student Game Download

Archimoulin – Student Game Download

Archimoulin, a beautiful and fun looking adventure platformer that you can download and play, is a student project that we’re hoping got an award for making this amazing game. This 15 minutes 2D plateformer game narrates the adventure of a little boy through a giant windmill, trying to gather the ingredients needed for his mother’s […]

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