Ironkraft Gif

Ironkraft: Road to Hell Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer & Screenshots

Ironkraft just got announced, a 2.5D side-scrolling car-brawler in a post-apocalyptic world. Mad Max inspired, we get to see pre-alpha gameplay footage in the form as their announcement trailer. We can see physics-based destruction, customization, running over and smashing people and weird mushroom balls of some sort. It’s seems like a half-serious, half-silly game but more […]

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Birdcage Gif

Prototype Gameplay Footage of Birdcage

Prototype gameplay footage of Unreal Engine 4 powered first person rock/metal musical Birdcage was released recently, giving a general look at how the game will be played. Regarding that video you’ll be running from a cool evil badass who doesn’t look at explosions with Metal music running in the background. A description of what Birdcage is, it’s a “music […]

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Overwatch Gif

Overwatch – Beta Sign-up

Blizzard is storming the gaming world by producing quality games for each popular genre, and now they’re breaching the first person shooter arena with their upcoming anticipated free-to-play online team-based, class-based shooter Overwatch. Looking at their trailers, gameplay videos and people’s reactions when they tried it over at conventions, it looks like an FPS that […]

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