Pit People gif

Pit People – Beta Sign-Up

Never knew that a gigantic bear that’s bigger than Earth would make for an interesting story. Pit People is a 2D top-down fast-paced turn-based comical adventure strategy game, set in a hex-based battleground with two player coop and 2v2 pvp mode. Aside from the excellent sounding story-telling and astounding commentary, the game will provide you […]

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Huntdown – Alpha Sign-Up

Guess crime is now legal in this world. Huntdown is a 2D action arcade retro platforming shooter, set in a future where crime is king and the police lost control as they take in hired guns to solve their problems. It’s pixel art-style and general art direction looks really cool as we hope the soundtrack to […]

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Absolver gif

Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage of Absolver

The fighting clips in the middle of that reveal trailer were gameplay footage of Absolver in its pre-alpha state, but without the UI and fancy camera spins. Although if you’d like actual direct gameplay then watch this lengthy video below. The fancied up trailer and the actual gameplay both look amazing! Check out the game’s website […]

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