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A Bloody Night – Beta Demo Download

Solo developer Emanuele Leoncilli released a super short, yet challenging demo of A Bloody Night, A side-scrolling fast-paced action title full of slashing, revenge and BLOOD. The player character immediately begins a quest for vengeance after his sister is murdered by an unknown order of armored warriors who seemingly have no motive. As the innkeeper, she welcomes the guests only to be speared to death as her assailants simply walk away, not even staying for a pint of ale. A Bloody Night wastes no time throwing the player into a direct gauntlet of enemies and traps. Though it may be simple and straightforward, the game doesn’t lie down in defeat without a challenge. Avoiding traps, blocking attacks, and swinging a greatsword is no easy task, and although the combo attack is executed with dexterity, it doesn’t go without fatiguing the player character for a second or two, lingering post-swing at certain points.

The animations are commendable, and there’s almost enough blood spray effects to make Quentin Tarantino proud, but it’s easy to tell at this point in development that core mechanics received the most focus for this release. The art has its own unique style, yet isn’t consistent in pixel depth as some of the background elements were made in a pixel art style but have been scaled up, resulting in a more chunky appearance. This is typically a time saver for artists, so it’s not to be criticized, but it’s worth pointing out that this is only a demo, so don’t expect fully polished art. The flow of gameplay is fairly established, and is pretty smooth, allowing the player to easily adapt to character movement and avoiding traps or attacks. A few deaths and you’ll most likely memorize trap placement, however some aren’t so easy to avoid, especially when rushing through levels and slashing everything in your way. There is no randomization of levels, so every prop is completely static and will provide no new surprises on each run through. All in all, sound, gameplay and story are intact and provide a great, albeit short experience!

Download the beta demo here.

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