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Abatron – Alpha Demo Download

That big flying ship with the moving tentacle head-thing that builds your base looks awesome! Abatron is a real-time strategy and also a first/third person shooter hybrid that combines elements from each genre to provide you with tactical and action-packed experience, satisfying both types of players at the same time.

There’s also a little big of MOBA elements that can be seen in the game, but not enough to warrant the game to include that genre as well compared to the strong influence of the other two. Aside from looking incredibly gorgeous and skipping past the small gameplay details, the game will provide you with intense PVP action as well as a great 4-player varied coop modes and other game modes as well like survival.

The game has an impressive amount of varying gameplay mechanics, content and game modes to the extent that you and your friends will play together even if they want to play a different type of game, since Abatron has it all!

Download the alpha demo here.


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