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Alpha Gameplay Footage of Arena 3D

We thought at first that Arena 3D is a game like Super Star Dust for PC with a few more nice features, but now as it turns out with this new gameplay footage of the game in its alpha state, we can see that it’s.. a whole new game? Nope! It’s actually a second game-mode out of three major modes.

After we had a chat with the developer clarifying what’s happening with the game, it turns out that Arena 3D is a game that’ll contain three vastly different game modes to provide a varied and exciting gameplay experience, two of which been revealed with footage and the third one soon to follow.

It’s a very interesting take for a game to have such variations in its gameplay, and it’s awesome! Looking into the game a little bit deeper, the game will have even more game modes like first person racing, with more to come!

Check out the game’s Steam store page for more information

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