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Archaica: The Path Of Light – Beta Sign-Up

In 2013, the Turecki brothers came up with a concept for a non-complex and polished puzzle game. After working in their spare time for about four years, the beta sign up for their first major production, Archaica: The Path of Light is now open. The critically-acclaimed puzzle game is based around bouncing lasers with mirrors to complete levels. The concept is simple, but the Tureckis have woven their own twist on this basic puzzle gameplay. Believe it or not, a narrative is actually produced to accompany the completion of puzzles, and this game world is an actual universe of its own with living breathing environments. The player takes point as an entity that seeks to save the world from impending doom by tinkering with these contraptions in order to revive ancient mechanisms. Aside from preserving the world as you know it, you’ll also be exploring the history of ancient civilizations, traversing other realms and discovering the destiny of the Path of Light.

Complimented for its art, the design and presentation of the game convey an artistic and beautiful world, an impressive feat given the team size. What’s even more surprising is that where Marcin Turecki makes the art for the game, his brother Piotr created his own game engine to build this IP in. The scripting, animation and rendering are an astounding feat in programming, again given that this is a two-man team with contributions from just a handful of individuals where needed. An array of diverse worlds set the stage for the challenging levels, and a good variety of gameplay mechanics are employed aside from simply spinning a mirror to bounce a laser around. Color filters, beam splitters and other devices can be adjusted in order to alter the path of light. Splitting and combining colored beams of light is one way to shake up the puzzle challenge, however dynamic environments brings a whole new dimension to the game. As the player is manipulating devices in the game, triggers can cause parts of the level to shift, subtract or add to the current set to create an altered version of the current section of puzzle. It’s safe to say there are more dimensions of challenge and features than it initially sounds like when you explain the basic concept. Archaica: The Path of Light has plenty of depth, and the wealth of this may be explored by signing up for the beta and experiencing it for yourself!

Sign-up for the beta here.

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