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Ashes of Creation – Alpha and Beta Sign-Up

A new world is rising from the ashes, and forever new it shall be. Ashes of Creation is an MMO that will be the host of an ever-changing world, forged by the decisions and actions of the players that inhabit it. From the cultivation and development of land, to the influence on the NPC’s who inhabit the world, the players are the core element in how the game world evolves. Different quests may become available depending on the growth of the world, or the materialization of a certain NPC or other game element that is created as a result of player choice. The game world will reveal more things to discover, more places to adventure, it is an ever-flowing fountain of change that serves as the foundation for a unique world. One that many can be proud of, or find themselves in opposition to.

Imagine a world that constantly changes but is always within your reach. There have been other titles to host such a world, but every new franchise has something fresh and exciting to bring to the table. The opportunities that are available to the player are vast, as you may survey and choose where to build your own structures. Help give rise to a certain civilization, stay with them to develop it into an empire, or defect and start a rebellion if you don’t like the way it’s changed. There’s also an entire world out there to explore, and not without its own set of challenges and terrors. One may decide to trek through a completely hostile land, or side with a group of others to lay siege to a castle for a strategic hold over that region. Alliances will be forged through hard work, and they can be broken in the blink of an eye. One thing remains constant however, the inevitability of change.

Sign-up for the game’s alpha and beta tests on the game’s website.

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