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Atomic Space Command – Alpha Access

Managing your ship and its crew is like managing your house and family, it’s tough and requires a lot of work where you either succeed or see you’ll see it crumbling down and everyone in it is dead. Atomic Space Command is a third person online multiplayer coop and PVP multi-crew space combat and management game.

Think of this as a Star Trek game, but a condense action-packed version of it that requires quick thinking and good management skills. You first start with build your own ship and hiring crew members, get your ship up and running when the match starts then go to a planet to start getting resources, specifically Spice Atomics and gain victory if you collect enough.

This is a race between you and your enemies, with each of you trying to sabotage one another as you engage in battle and protecting your own planet. It has a somewhat big learning curve at first, but after you get used to it you’ll enjoy each match by yourself with AI allies and enemies, or with your friends and going up against other players in local or online play.

What’s really great about this game though and where it shines, is the online coop play where you and another friend can build a ship together in the hangar, then go in matches managing said ship and flying it together, constant communication with different responsibilities to do to maintain the ship and finish objectives to win.

Get alpha access with the full game here.

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