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ATOMINE – Beta Sign-Up

STUXNET, a computer virus with a malicious combative nature, has been developed as a digital weapon. As ATOMINE, you will cruise through the internal architecture of this program and delete it from the inside out. The weapon itself is terrifyingly complex, and its defenses may be just as difficult to break down. Through the procedurally-generated computer infrastructure, you’ll navigate your anti-virus defender avatar past all the defenses, destroying them indefinitely, do not pass the recycle bin, do not collect 200bytes. You’re on a mission straight to the end, no stopping for anything. This unforgiving digital-scape is a one-time-only deal, break through in one go or it’s over. The game plays in a top-down rogue-like manner, with heavy shooting mechanics. You might not need to stop firing in this case.

There is a boss fight, if you could imagine what that would look like in the strongest and most destructive computer virus ever. The waves that surround you will vary in enemy type, but you’ll also need to watch out for the big ones. The enemies aren’t the only obstacle, as the actual map can throw some surprises your way as well, like a fixed level materialization radius around the character, or a counter-hacking program that could make your job much more difficult. The player can hijack the counter-hack, but it must be done quickly or the rest of your ride won’t go as smooth. ATOMINE is currently open for beta sign-up via Facebook, linked below!

Sign-up for the open beta on the game’s Facebook page.

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