Project 1v1 gif alpha beta sign up

Project 1v1 – Technical Test Sign-Up

Gearbox announced a new game, not Borderlands 3, called Project 1v1, and they’re in-need of testers for their upcoming “technical test” this summer. What’s the game? Well it’s a competitive first person online multiplayer shooter where as the name suggests, one player goes off against another player in a match, with some collectible card game […]

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Dead Alliance gif beta steam

Dead Alliance – Open Beta Download

From the developers that brought you Friday the 13th comes Dead Alliance, an online multiplayer first person shooter where players try to shoot each other, while also having to deal with zombies going about trying to munch on someone. And let’s say there is another multiplayer PVP FPS out there, what makes this game unique […]

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Immortal Planet gif - Beta Sign-Up

Immortal Planet – Beta Sign-Up

From the creator of the awesome 2D turn-based action platformer RONNIN comes Immortal Planet, a 2D top-down isometric souls-like action role-playing game, with challenging combat where patience and careful thinking is rewarded while being reckless will most likely kill you. Every enemy you encounter in tightly designed levels is a challenge, with intense multi-stage boss fights. […]

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The Crew 2 – Beta Sign-Up

Ubisoft just announced the sequel to their latest racer, The Crew 2. An online multiplayer open world racing game but unlike their first game where you pimp out and drive your custom cars, you’ll be driving cars, boats and even flying planes! These new additions to the game adds whole two new levels of gameplay […]

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