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First Blog Post!

The time has come, and it’s been long overdue to make it official, that FBG will now have a “blog” section on the site talking about various focused or random topics, generally a place that I’d like to talk about whatever comes to mind, hopefully interesting posts, ones written by myself @FreakOramaXD or by other […]

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Omega Strike gif beta sign up

Omega Strike – Beta Sign-Up

Woblyware is call for all testers to sign-up for Omega Strike‘s beta test! A 2D metroidvania shooter, where you’ll be presented with multiple playable characters, progressing them by exploring and defeating enemies, to unlocking new abilities for each of your heroes. You have three playable heroes with their own special abilities, where you’ll be able to swap […]

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Insidia gif beta sign-up

Insidia – Beta Sign-Up

Bad Seed announced and open up closed beta registration for their upcoming game Insidia, a top-down free-to-play online multiplayer turn-based tactical/strategy game, where you with your team of four champions go up against another enemy player with their own team. The twist the game offer is that every turn is your turn, like the system […]

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