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Aya Blaze – Alpha Sign-Up

It’s a widely known fact that millions of people suffer from lack of high energy, low gravity racing games. You know, the kind where you fly a hovercraft and it kind of sticks to the track and takes you through wicked twists, turns and jumps? Sounds a little like F-Zero if you recall the Nintendo classic now, doesn’t it? Aya Blaze actually takes what made that type of racing game great and modernizes it, with a newer renderer, warming post-process effects and an uplifting soundtrack. An experience such as this has been attributed with the likes of a sugar rush by the developer themselves. Watching a short segment of gameplay will convey just that, and it’s no surprise why this title took all the indie meetups the developer visited by storm.

Aya Blaze is a clean, exciting and energetic racer where players will be flying, jumping and boosting themselves through gorgeous tracks. The gameplay is smooth as glass, and feels like exactly what you’d imagine a hovercraft cruise would be like, unless you imagined something like Pod Racing in Star Wars, then you might want to get your head out of Watto’s junkyard. With an overwhelmingly positive response, Aya Blaze is making waves on the scene, and is quite an anticipated title. It’s not intangible however, despite the fact that the game isn’t yet released. There’s an alpha sign up open now if you follow the link at the bottom of the article. Players can expect Aya Blaze to deliver intense hover racing action in versus mode and VS ghost mode where they’re pitted against a time trial ghost recorded by the developer’s actual playthrough. In-depth info is hard to come by, which is mostly transmitted through email newsletters, so for more updates you can check the Twitter or Facebook!

Sign up for the alpha here.

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