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Ballistic Overkill – Beta Access

Don’t be a little baby and think you’re going to dip your toes in the water as a support class in Ballistic Overkill. In BO (ok let’s not abbreviate this one anymore) “everyone is a killer!”, the tagline couldn’t be any more true. You want to be a tank? That’s great and all, but don’t expect to be front man soaking up all the damage, you’re still prone to one hit kills. You won’t be playing a huge tactical role in this fast-paced FPS, your different classes just give you a different set of stats and they’re not that drastic of a change from class to class. If you play your cards right, you can take out a tank with one or two well-aimed shotgun blasts, it’s no joke. Just ask the guy who gunned me down like I was nothing when I went tank. I laughed when I first jumped into a game and pulled off a double kill as my first score but the fun and games didn’t last when I ended up on the wrong end of the blade over and over again. Tanks can take that long range fire across the map before dropping, but up close, it doesn’t work out so well. This aspect makes Ballistic Overkill a fairly balanced deathmatch across the board for the most part. Choose your class, choose your loadout and get in those games to level up and unlock more weapons for your profile.

This speedy deathmatch gives a good amount of customization for your soldier classes, and it’s a lot of fun unlocking new weapons to append to your ideal loadout. The early access will open up custom games and quick matches, and it wasn’t too difficult to find a running game room to join. Ballistic Overkill is quickly growing, and people are already calling each other noobs, get that. The game has only been out for about three months, “is it never too early?” I mutter under my breath as I hunt down the person who called my teammate a noob. To no avail, I fell at the hands of my foe. No, it wasn’t just an upset, I was basically feeding, respawning just to run across the map for revenge only to make it just in time for my minute-ly buckshot facial. If you’re anything like me, and love dying a lot in a short amount of time, Ballistic Overkill is a sweet way to go. If you want to last, learn how to duck, oh and how to throw grenades and swing your knife. I didn’t learn until it was too late, but the F-melee and G-grenade controls should have been obvious from the start.


Get beta access with the full game here.

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