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Balls Revolution – Alpha Download

Games like Balls Revolution remind me of Super Monkey Ball and Portal. Sounds like a weird mix if you’ve played both of those games, but it’s a very engaging experience if it’s pulled off. And Lion GT succeeds with this rolling puzzle game. There are a few ways to approach this game, one of which could be to get the fastest time on the leaderboard. It’s interesting that the game can be fast or slow-paced, depending on how you go about navigating the obstacles in Balls Revolution. There are three tracks in the demo, and more is on the way as the developers work on more tracks and different game modes.

I’m one of those people who, if possible, plays the game against the developers. I look for shortcuts through level design to see if I can play the game the wrong way. Some parts of the track in a couple levels are within reach from further back in the track, however this has been anticipated. If you don’t pass through all the checkpoints, you can’t complete the map. Good one, I was sitting there in the second level like “why doesn’t it end when I go through the finish line?”. I have been made a fool of, and I proceeded to finish the game the right way. The gameplay is simplistic and addicting, however the idea of different game modes sounds appealing, like a puzzle challenge or a PVP mode. The demo is a great example of what the developers can do, and builds a great foundation for a more evolved, complex game that would provide tons of exciting challenges.

Download the alpha build on the game’s website.

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