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Banira Shio – Game Jam Build Download

Love is in the air in Banira Shio. The game plays as a physics-based flight simulator where you control a paper airplane tasked with delivering special notes between love-struck students in a classroom while trying to get a high score. If you crash into anything that isn’t a letter, or if every student has note ready for you, it’s game over (and all the kids are heartbroken). You’ll be swooping and diving to try and deliver the heart-felt notes of love and admiration.

Flying the airplane is responsive and engaging. Diving will cause you to gain speed, and pulling up will slow you down (but if you’re too slow you’ll stall). But this game is all about delivering notes. You’ll know when a note’s ready when students have little hearts popping around their head. When you get in close, you’ll see their arms frantically shaking with a letter in their hands. You only need to touch the letter to pick it up, and you only need to fly over the desk of a student to drop it off. What student the note goes to all depends on the color of the letter (which corresponds to hair color) and whether it has the mars (male) or venus (female) symbol scrawled on it. Female students have long hair, and the male students have a short pony tail. Students change seats with each attempt, so don’t try to memorize where they sit!

Banira Shio is light-hearted and addicting. Slowly learning how the plane moves with every attempt is a blast. Although, I’m still pretty bad at it. My high score was only 160. Try to beat it!

Download the game jam build here.

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