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Black Future ’88 – Alpha Sign-Up

In Black Future ’88, I’m not sure whether to dance or shoot robots. Actually, with that smooth synth beat and this gun in my hand, I think I’ll do both! In this side-scrolling action shooter, we’ll be dashing, shooting, shopping and dancing (dancing isn’t included in the mechanics as far as I know, but if the developer is reading this please include dancing). This one takes me back, setting what is now a retro style soundtrack to some side scroller mechanics you might find in the likes of Mega Man or Bionic Commando. This neon-lit action-packed title sets its own pace, with an array of enemies that influence the flow of gameplay with the variation in types of weaponry and projectiles. Spraying streams of plasma or directly assaulting the player will force them to hop, dash and terminate targets to reach the boss fight.

So along the way, we can hit up the upgrade kiosks. There’s a variety of upgrades to apply in order to change up how we tackle the next zone, but we’re not letting anything get in our way. Firing speed, jump height and some other unique technical augments can be chosen if you think you know a better way to get through the next part of the level other than just blasting your way through. Use the level to your advantage, put some walls between you and your target, wait for the right moment to strike. There’s a slight element of tactical thinking that needs to be applied here instead of the simple routine we use in everyday platformers. Right now, there’s a gameplay video that shows off a good amount of footage, so we get a good look at what to expect in Black Future ’88. After that, you can follow the developer on Twitter for more updates, and sign up for the alpha with the link below!

Sign-up for the alpha demo here.

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