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Bullet Mind – Beta Sign-Up

Lightning fast player lives and explosive action set the foundation in Bullet Mind, a top down shooter that keeps the action alive even when you’re dead. The high magnitude of devastation is constant in Bullet Mind, where players take on the role of Number 42, a human experiment that endowed the subject with time altering and psychic powers. Now why don’t these scientists learn? Is it wise to give someone this kind of power, especially when the necessary experiments are against their will? Well here’s the result, we’ll be leveling walls, people and why not, entire floors in buildings since we’re that powerful. The idea is to escape, maybe, and live through about 40 stages that will test your skill as a born again psychic living deity.

In Bullet Mind, everyone wants to shoot you. You could say they want to put a bullet in your mind. We can stop that, by slowing down time, dodging bullets like Keanu Reeves (minus the sick parkour dance moves) and maybe causing destruction in the workplace. You have now become OSHA’s worst nightmare, tearing apart offices, labs and human bodies. It gets to be a full-time job, and you better get used to it, because if you don’t find your groove, you won’t last long. The game is designed to be very difficult unless you can perfect the art of slowing down time. Do this by reading your enemy and knowing when to activate your power. You know, this wouldn’t be so difficult if there weren’t eight of those gun-wielding punks emptying clips in your direction. You might be a psychic offspring of father time, but don’t forget your hands. You can use those to pick up a gun and shoot back if you want, just to tack on a few more seconds to your longevity. For a better look, you can check out the project on Steam Greenlight Concepts or sign up for the beta with the link below!

Sign-up for the beta (and probably alpha) here.

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