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BUTCHER – Prototype Download

You don’t always get a game where it’ll make you feel like the devil and be happy about it, but when you do you can’t stop playing it. BUTCHER is a 2D action adventure fast-paced platforming shooter that’s set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world. It’s a love letter to the early 90s where it promotes the most brutal of actions to take for your entertainment, like barely killing someone and hearing their agonizing voice screaming and moaning in pain, and then maybe pushing them into a lava pit.

The game will provide you with unsuppressed carnage like what we’ve seen in Doom and Quake games, challenging experience where the easiest mode is ‘hard’, painting walls with the blood of your enemies, skill-based gameplay mechanics with tight controls, a variety of weapons to choose like a shotgun or a chainsaw, a lot of levels to paint red and so much more.

Download and play the prototype here.

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