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Captured – Pre-Alpha Demo Download

We were reminded of Elmer Fudd oddly enough, which gave off a very good impression if that’s anything to go by. Captured is a first person horror game where you play as a person waking up in a mysterious place, venturing through vewy vewy disturbing chambers.

We don’t usually cover scary games but when we do it usually means it has great quality and potential, at least of us. The visuals while seemingly looking ‘dated’ are presented with a lot of care, especially when combined with great effects that add to the overall amazing atmosphere.

The story, story-telling and your progression through the game is of the same high quality. You’d solve puzzles under pressure from the general suspenseful nature of the game and sometimes with a blind but not deaf enemy named Damien Clyde. This is probably just an extremely small taste of what the full game will be, and when it does release it’ll probably be in many people’s top list of horror games.

Download the pre-alpha demo here.

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