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CODE RED – Game Jam Build Download

Ludum Dare 37 participants didn’t skip out on the violence in this jam, that’s for sure. Code Red by Oultrox adds a unique flavor to the jam’s “One Room” theme. The player takes point as what seems to be a bio-experiment humanoid who gets lab fever and wants to break out. Though simply escaping isn’t exactly the goal, after leaving the first room the player character self-narrates a line about being drawn to a certain room. Now we know where we’re going (sort of) and the only thing standing in our way is a legion of security guards. The player may run, jump, climb walls, and annihilate anyone in their way. There are three attack functions, all of which are satisfying to execute. Slash, eat, and scream your way through this laboratory lockdown in an attempt to reach that mysterious room. Eating replenishes health, which I strongly recommend employing on solitary foes, especially scientists who can’t defend themselves. Slashing is a quick way to cut a swathe through a line of enemies, but when you land in the middle of a crowd, screaming will tear apart anyone within a certain radius of the player.


The very first thing that came to mind when I started was Lucy from Elfen Lied. Even if you haven’t seen the anime, you may be familiar with the iconic opening of the first episode where Lucy escapes a lab using her psychic powers to tear apart security in a very graphic segment. Code Red puts players in that seat and gives them wave after wave of little pixel characters to wipe out, and it’s quite a rewarding experience! The low-fi sounds are a great touch to tie in the game’s overall style, and is well-put together. With the current build, there are a couple hang ups where the player will get stuck and unable to move, requiring a hard reset of the game. But the arcade style replayability compensates, and holds together since starting over is still just as fun as pushing through later parts of the game!


Download the game jam build here.

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