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Conan Exiles – Alpha Access

You know what this is, right? An open world survival multiplayer game set in the Conan the Barbarian universe. So off the bat, we’re aware of two things we need to watch for: deadly creatures, and other players. Choosing your path begins only after you’ve gone through the character creator, which will have your character displayed on a crucifix. You are being punished for your crimes, whatever they may be, just or unjust. After being set free, you are led down a ruined stone pathway that winds through the desert into the place where the action is. You’ll have to begin gathering supplies to craft your way to the top. You may want a more laid-back survival getaway experience, or perhaps you’re here for the PVP and want to conquer the lands, claiming the server for yourself. No matter which way you play a 1st/3rd person survival sandbox game online, Conan Exiles has a server division for it.

Four hours in and I still hadn’t seen everything Conan Exiles has to offer. I leveled up past 30, unlocked an insane amount of crafting recipes, and was the strongest woman in the region, no one dared attack after they saw me effortlessly sever a man in two. You have a world of choices, and so many opportunities in the servers, whether you want to defeat other players and conquer the land, or chill out away from the fighting and only have to worry about hyenas knocking on your door wanting to eat you. There are different stages of crafting from apprentice to journeyman and so-on, each allowing you to create a new set of furniture or tools using new materials. There’s a lot of work involved, even if you’re just on your own. You’ll be cooking and crafting for hours just to get a comfortable, fully-functional fortress around you. The vast expanse that is the game world alone is just astounding, it seemed like if I grew tired of the area I was in, I could travel a bit and discover so many new things from pre-generated towns to a breeding ground for hostile creatures, an excellent source for pelts and meat. Conan Exiles carefully takes several different aspects of survival sandbox multiplayer and threads them through a beautiful world ripe with opportunity.

Get alpha access and download the full game here.

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