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Crash Club – Beta Sign-Up

Only the crashiest reckless drivers can join Crash Club, no safe-driving lamer can join, so go away, close this tab! Now that it’s just us crazy automobile “pilots” (sounds more intense if we call ourselves that), we can discuss our next order of business: the Crash Club mobile game. Let’s talk about MMO’s for a second, like what makes them so fun? Simple, it’s a bunch of other people, members of the Crash Club. That was easy, even though there might be something I’m missing, but whatever let’s move on. Now we have an MMO in the palm of our hands, let’s make it a bit more spicy. How about we let all you whackos loose in a city, 3rd person style, maybe top down, and let everyone just destroy everything. That’s pretty cool, everyone loves destruction, it’s a form of creation and so on.

Maybe we can have some friendly competition amongst us members of Crash Club? Let’s blow each other up, that always gets my blood flowing. Perhaps we can add a score system and see who can do the most damage? A leaderboard sounds like a great idea, that way we can brag and talk smack about each other from behind our phones or tablets! Even better, let’s add the ability to display emojis from our cars just so we can taunt each other, that’s brilliant. I personally love sending crap pile emojis, that always gets em mad, nothing like seeing a little brown dollop floating above your opponents car, that’s how you tell someone they play like crap, in a nice way. There will be a variety of cars to choose from, if you look in your garage to check out what cars are available, I think it would be fun to add the option to thoroughly check out the car by manipulating it on the touch screen. So now we can fondle our vehicles before driving them around town smashing them into each other! That sounds bad, but trust me, it’s good..

Sign-up for the beta on the game’s website.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.


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