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CRUSH.TV – Alpha Download

The first thing I thought of when I saw this one was a NES classic called Smash TV, and upon playing and annihilating CRUSH.TV, I can see the inspiration drawn for this wicked fun indie title. I love the advertising tag “crowd management simulator”, it’s literally that. You’re an android, and you’ve got mad ghouls coming in from all sides of your TV screen. The game is played in a one-screen arena, where waves of enemies pour in, and you’re stuck in this top-down radial shooter. Hold the trigger, and don’t let go. You’re not worrying about ammo, and you can spam your secondary weapon too, just to take out those kamikaze punks with the bombs at long range. One hit and you’re toast, dead, and you’re respawning in the middle to keep the action alive. It’s totally worth taking a partner with you, which you can choose before you begin. In Smash TV, you could play 2-player co-op, so it’s kind of like filling that gap. Co-op would be a wicked addition to CRUSH.TV though…

There are power ups that temporarily change your primary weapon’s projectile type, and some will just detonate a bomb when you walk on it to destroy your enemies. You might scream the first time and think you blew up, but you’re cool, just keep shooting. I think you have to get past 500 kills to trigger the first boss fight. You should be able to quickly and carefully wreck that monstrosity, and move on to the second stage. The enemies change, and so does the difficulty, now you got weird robots leaping at you like frogs, which is terrifying given that one quick hop could end you. There are a couple different rapid fire power ups, a grenade launcher, and one of them even spawns a little drone that floats around you and shoots enemies. Not sure if this was a bug or a feature, but I managed to somehow spawn three of myself at once, and then at the end went completely invisible and my partner started walking on the walls. Can you figure out my secret? Me neither, but you’ve got to play this one, it’s intense.

Download the alpha build on Gamejolt.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.


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