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Days of War – Alpha Access

It’s been a while since I jumped into a WWII game server, and my refresher course on the early 20th century warfare was provided by the Days of War early access. I got quite a lesson handed to me by the opposing team, in the form of 9×19 Parabellums and stick grenades. Days of War is a gritty, immersive FPS that drops players in a simple and straightforward game session, with a lot of variation to mix things up. After about three matches, I was starting to get in the groove, figuring out how other players approach this simple breech-and-push deathmatch. I’m not an avid WWII style game fanatic, but when I get into a good multiplayer set in this era, I get lost in it. I’ve chosen the M1 Garand as my weapon of choice, so naturally I initially join the fray as a marksman. Starting at the spawn point, players can change their roles which of course assigns them a different weapon set. Some of the specialties come with frag grenades or smoke grenades, the rest will come standard with the Colt 1911 side arm and combat knife. Playing as a marksman for a while, I allowed myself to hang back and patiently observe the flow of battle as I watched my assault gunner comrades charge forward in groups of two to four.

A lot of the time, I would be prone staring down the iron sights of the M1 waiting to see an enemy show up in that little ring. Watching my teammates look around a corner and drop dead signaled to me that I better run or whip out that 1911 because someone was most likely going to charge. My K/D ratio was probably really bad with the frame rate I was running at, but I made some well-aimed shots that allowed my team to make plays and get around to the next zone and push the enemy back. Days of War is a fun pick up and play, dropping you into a server, playing a match just marching like a row of ants armed with WWII era weaponry. It’s simple gameplay, lots of weapons that are a joy to try out and interesting maps. If you’re all about this theme pasted on an FPS, there’s no reason to pass up this awesome title for some exciting online battles.

Get alpha access and download the full game on Steam Early Access.

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