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Demise – Game Jam Build Download

If you’ve ever wanted eyes in the back of your head, or all around your head, wish granted. Demise gives you that power, and you may find that it’s not exactly what you’ve always hoped for. If you’re claustrophobic or prone to suffering from vertigo easily, you might want to approach with caution. Demise will take you for a wild ride through an unforgiving and unsafe space ship, completely decorated in hostile machines. The angle of the cameras are of course difficult to get used to, as you’re not going to have 100% certainty on the exact spot they’re aiming from. Aside from simple control stick movement, you get two firing options: forward and backwards.

There is no gravity, so you’re just going to be floating through the corridors, shooting your way to freedom, or whatever it is you seek. The ship has a surprising amount of glass windows, not exactly your best friend in space. In this case, they could be your savior or your Demise, shooting them open will induce a vacuum that will eject any object not secured or anchored to the structure. This could be you, or your enemies, if you decide to shoot out a window near them. It’s a great technique for clearing a small group, which will be your only special strategic move aside from simply blasting your way through the ship. There are blast doors that will close the window after a few seconds, a really delayed and not-so-safe safety system, but hey, wait a few seconds and you can float down the hall safely. The game is pretty short, given that it’s a jam entry however it does require a controller, and good stomach constitution.

Download the jam prototype build on itch.io.

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