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Depth of Extinction – Pre-Beta Demo Download – Beta Sign-Up

Depth of Extinction‘s pre-beta demo is available to download and ready for a test drive, a top-down retro turn-based tactical roguelike role-playing game where you’ll recruit and lead a team of mercenary pirates on raids, specifically in undersea habitats that houses the remains of humanity.

Influenced by games such as the X-COM series, the first and second Fallout, Shadowrun and Wasteland 2, you’ll be provided with procedural generated levels, a variety of weapons, armors and items/loot to find, perma-death and mission based gameplay. It has that good looking pixel art visuals, a decent story and solid gameplay.

Sign-up for the alpha and beta tests on the game’s website.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.


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