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Don’t Tax Me Bro! – Alpha or Beta Demo Download

Don’t you just hate it when you get a lot of money, be it from work or if you’ve won it from the lottery or contest, the government just hits you right in your face demanding you pay your tax for those earnings you got. It sucks!

Don’t Tax Me Bro! is a 2D action runner platformer where you play as this dude who’ve gained a lot of money and doesn’t want to pay his taxes, so you’re out running from the cops who’re trying to ‘tax you’.

The game is silly and really fun! Controls are solid and the pixel art style is great, although it’s hard to see some objects / obstacles in your way, but overall it’s extremely entertaining running from the cops with your money, dodging birds or falling pots of flowers from builds, hopping over obstacles that will slow you down. You just gotta run bro!

Download / play the alpha or beta demo on itch.io.

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