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Due Process – Alpha Sign-Up

Coordination and communication, two essential elements in upcoming multiplayer FPS Due Process. In this head to head all PVP title, players will be divided into two teams, attackers and defenders, with the objective of clearing out the entire opposing team. One of the things that makes Due Process unique is the planning phase that begins each round, where players will have a map of the game level, and literally draw on it much like a football play. The players will discuss or argue over strategies and possible plans while keeping in mind what the enemy might do to counter you. After that phase timer is up, the attackers will attempt to break into the area that the defenders will be holding.

With a SWAT style breach and neutralize method, attackers will blow open walls, kick down doors and employ a number of tactics to try to clear the room of opponents. Flashbangs, riot shields and an arsenal of guns are at your disposal which can be chosen in the beginning planning phase of each round. The game is very fast paced, and the execution phase can even end faster than the planning phase. Anything is possible in this plan and execute style deathmatch. While the game is highly competitive, there’s a lot of room for hysterical situations, and the focus of the developers is to create a game that requires a lot of team coordination and communication. With Due Process, developer Giant Enemy Crab has achieved just that. And to experience it for yourself, an alpha sign up is linked below!

Sign-up for the alpha here.

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