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Dusk – Beta Sign-Up

DOOM Guy? Nope it’s Dusk Dude. Dusk is a fast-paced first person retro shooter inspired by 90’s games such as Quake, Heretic, Blood, Hexen, Half-Life, DOOM and Redneck Rampage. Thrown in a world where you have to battle through mystical cultists, possessed militants and even more darker forces the more you progress.

Enjoy the game with its fantastic metal soundtrack as you play through its single-player campaign, as well as going on a killing rampage in endless survival mode and/or battle your friends in an online 1v1 arena multiplayer match.

We covered the game before when it had a super early pre-alpha build up, but then they removed it unfortunately, but there’s still a chance for testing for those interested in making the game a better experience upon launch.

Sign-up for the beta (or alpha, they weren’t specific what they’ll test) here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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