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Eye Candy – Game Jam Download

Eye Candy, an entry for Pixelhorrorjam 2016, literally lives up to its title. Though the jam ran from August 18th til October 31st, this enchanting RPG is currently functioning as a teaser demo, as the development life wasn’t favored by the universe and its elements. Hitting a few bumps in the road caused the game to be cut short just as the fun is about to begin. The player is allowed enough time to get acquainted with their character Koray, who is looking for her sister in a strange and horrifying world that seems to draw influence from works such as Yume Nikki and Alice in Wonderland. The game world is macabre yet inviting, with a moody soundtrack that succeeds in drawing in the player. The gameplay opens when the player finds themselves in a starlit scene, making their way to a solitary train stop. They meet a conductor with a head that slightly resembles a cake pop with a chicken comb protruding from the “forehead” area. They discover that it’s possible their sister took the last train to “That Place” which seems to be a fun location to go to if you’re into self-torture and emotional mutilation.

The characters the player will meet along the way are as strange as they are charming, even Eyela, the demonic ruler of That Place. She and her two assistants want to eat you, but not before playing games with you. I love when she calls me “potsticker” or her “little BBQ wing”, it’s precious. The current build of Eye Candy is a great introduction to the game world, which is a very unique experience. Though lacking in game content, some of the effects and art are fairly polished, which seems like it got the most focus during the jam. Struggling with time management in a game jam is a constant battle, and learning how to quickly prototype and get the content in and the mechanics working should be the core focus before polish. However some of us find it hard to prevail over the urge to fine-tune certain effects and game art, ultimately ending in an incomplete or rushed entry. Thus is the struggle of the jammer with limited resources and a small team. And therein lies the real challenge of the game jam. In conclusion however, it’s safe to say with encouragement from the community, we’ll see Eye Candy build into a more complete and twisted tale by Spring 2017.

Download the game jam build here.

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Here’s a gameplay video by KillinPixels

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