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Fantasy Conquest Tactics – Pre-Alpha Demo Download

Fantasy Conquest Tactics is a top-down, turn based, tactical-RPG. It’s a game of Red v. Blue at its basics and provides for some intense, strategy-filled local play.

Each team is composed of buildings and units. Villages can either be red, blue, or neutral and earn money for their team. There are spawn towers where you can use the gold earned each turn from villages for offensive units like knights, cavaliers, or even ballistas. Each unit has a specific role and has their own benefits and detriments. Archers can attack from a space away, but can only attack or move and can’t take villages. While swordsmen can move farther than a knight, but lack the same vitality and damage. Medics follow your team and provide health, but can’t do any damage, are easily killed and need to be protected. The game is over when whomever team’s castle is destroyed, so keep it well protected with catapults and ballistas!

The game’s visuals are cute, yet macabre. The sight of cuddly cartoon characters exploding in a gory fashion contrasts, but doesn’t repel. The dissonance between the art style and the violence adds to the game’s charm. Fantasy Conquest Tactics is a surprisingly deep 1v1 local competitive tactical-RPG. It’s a blast for friends who want to sit around the keyboard and destroy their friendships.

Download the pre-alpha demo here.

Check the game out on Square Enix Collective.

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