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Fimbul – Beta Sign-Up

Fimbulvinter is the event preceding Ragnarok, a harsh winter that would sweep the world clean of life and give birth to a fresh new world. In Fimbul, you will take on the role of a Viking warrior trying to fight their way through the cold as the world comes to an end. As the freezing cold washes over the land, you will do what you must in an attempt to survive. Fimbul offers players a 3rd person story-driven adventure that leads them through a vast Nordic landscape. The combat system was designed with depth and variation in mind, while still being easy enough for players to adapt to. For the most part, you’ll be fighting Vikings and other warriors, but when you find yourself battling the Jotun, you’re going to need some help taking down those giants.

The game keeps track of player progress along a timeline, which can be accessed at any point to review the events you’ve experienced through the story. Aside from fighting and trying to survive in the freezing cold, you’ll also be making important decisions that affect the course of the story as you progress. Sometimes, you may find yourself at a point in the story where the events are not playing out to your liking. When that happens, you may access the timeline, review the intersections where your choices led down a certain path, and replay it to choose another solution. This is an easy way to determine the ending of your own story as you make your way through Fimbulvinter, and see where you stand when the blizzard dies down and the sky is clear again. You can check out more media on the game’s Twitter, or listen to a sample of the soundtrack to get a feel for the game’s atmosphere.

Sign-up for the beta on the game’s website.

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2 thoughts to “Fimbul – Beta Sign-Up”

  1. I’ve subscribed to the game’s newsletter and i didn’t get a key, so do i just need to wait for it to give me a key?

    1. Yup! You have to wait until tests start and hope that you’ll be selected to test Fimbul. You’ll probably get an email announcing that tests has begun or when it’ll happen, before getting a key, but follow the game/developers on twitter/facebook just in-case, to keep track of any announcements or development update.

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