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First Blog Post!

The time has come, and it’s been long overdue to make it official, that FBG will now have a “blog” section on the site talking about various focused or random topics, generally a place that I’d like to talk about whatever comes to mind, hopefully interesting posts, ones written by myself @FreakOramaXD or by other members on the site, and maybe guest posts too.

The types of posts that’ll be on there doesn’t necessarily have to do with game development, or gaming at all. Topics ranging from life styles, general advice/tips, hacks, business, strategies, public relations, designing, how-to’s, pre and post game launch and what happens, anything.

Whether you want to read what gets posted in the blog section or not, this is more like a fun activity to do.


Founder and Editor in-Chief. I love and play all games in all genres, and pretty optimistic, chill, and love to help out where I can. Also, I love the movies you hate most likely.

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