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Flamberge – Alpha Access and Demo Download

At first, a tempest arises, and the shores of Abbol are punished by the sea. Though the storm might be enough to keep townsfolk in their homes, it does not stop a malicious order from invading from the ocean. Logan, a local swordsman, awakens after an attack on the militia. Fighting his way out, he gains new members of his party, all seeking a way back home to secure their families. FLAMBERGE is a top-down tactical RPG with minimalist pixel eye candy visuals, providing an immersive and addicting experience. The game is played in turns, where the entirety of the map is navigable by the player. Each turn is first planned out by dragging a character to that location using up their action meter, or deciding on an attack or ability. Once all decisions are made during the planning phase, the player executes the orders, and watches them play out. There are different classes, and each character has a unique set of stats that dictate stamina, movement range, damage etc.

The core of FLAMBERGE focuses on the battles, and it does a great job of drawing in the player. There is a story to follow, which will govern the direction of your quest as you discover more about the land of Abbol. Dropping players on a map with enemies strategically placed, each level allows the player free roam to move about the landscape. Battles are initiated once the player attacks an enemy, or moves within their sight range. Clicking on an enemy will reveal their vision range, and another click will switch to their movement limitation. Once you’ve figured that out for each enemy in the area, it’s only a matter of placing your party members in the best spots to initiate or ambush, then the games begin. The early access for FLAMBERGE is full of different party members to recruit, lots of areas to discover and plenty of narrative to keep players busy for a long time. With the addicting battle system that plays like Fire Emblem meets American Football, this is a tactical RPG that makes its own spot in the genre and stands on its own.

Get access to the alpha with the full game here.

Download the alpha demo here

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