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ForeveRacers – Alpha Download

Were you looking to take a relaxing drive through a scenic mountain town? Foreveracers is that game that brings simplistic driving mechanics to an endless race mode where drivers strive to get the best lap time. This isn’t just another race title, Foreveracers puts a new twist on multiplayer competitive driving. In the alpha, there’s a practice mode and an online race mode. You can practice the map, which is currently the only available track, and follow the signs to make it through the checkpoints. At first, you start out in a parking lot and it’s your choice when to start racing. Initiate by passing through the start/finish line, and go for the best lap time possible. There is no actual start or finish, it’s a simple matter of making your way through the map to set the best time.

Practice mode could come in handy, to gain familiarity with the map. You won’t want to simply drive along the road if you want to set the best lap time, so you’ll need to figure out all the shortcuts you can. The game allows players to choose between a sedan and a minivan, so figuring out how your vehicle of choice handles different jumps, turns and terrain will be the first matter you’ll need to determine. There are no special moves in the game, or traps and pickups to collect. However there is a day and night cycle in the map, and when it’s nighttime you’ll definitely want to turn on those headlights, because visibility drops more than you’d think even with the moonlight. The current alpha has a great foundation, but could use a handful of features to gain a little more replay value. If you don’t have someone available to race against, you’re just going to be enjoying a wobbly relaxing driving sim for the time being!

Download the alpha demo available on the game’s website.

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