Free Games

Unfinished games in development, finished gamejam games or student games that you can download and/or play for free. Here’s a list for all of these games:

Gear Up Badass Inc. Jenny Leclue

Wings of Saint Nazaire Wizard of Legend Trubadurr

Pankapu Super Hot Return of the Obra Dinn

Boxman Begins Dark Flame Salt

One Dream Blue Revolver BOG

Angry Arrows Mable No Man's Run

Windlands spaceship.2

This is not a recommendation list. This is just an archive of games to help gamers know about these games or to help them find a particular game they are looking for. Every now and then we’ll update the list to remove or add new games.

If there’s a game in the list that has been released and out of its development stage, then we’ll update and remove the game from the list as soon as possible. A helpful email or a tweet notifying us of such a game would be appreciated.

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