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Gaimoria – Prototype Sign-Up

Gaimoria, a world of dreams and nightmares alike, takes players on an adventure through a strange land. It follows the story of Aniah, a young girl who travels this land meeting odd races of creatures, and fighting the species that seek to conquer and take what they want. The game combines elements from Secret of Mana, Legend of Zelda and Pokemon, creating a unique gameplay for a real time RPG. Aniah will traverse this world of dreams taking on tough foes and helping those in need. In the world of Gaiamora, Aniah can summon three elemental pets, ember, fluid and storm to aid her in battle. In this real time combat system, the elemental pets abilities can be cast much like the controls in MOBA games like League of Legends and DOTA.

There are plenty of gorgeous locations to explore, and one might find themselves protecting these lands from a band of reptiles and amphibians who don’t follow the rules, pillaging and causing destruction where they please. Aniah will have to face this gang of scaly thugs to safely pass between locations, making her journey all the more difficult. Adding to the challenge is the recent appearance of underground dungeons, filled with the darkest of nightmares. What could possibly be lurking beneath the surface of Gaimoria? Would it be worth the trouble exploring these places? Aniah may find herself without a choice in some case, but the only way to see what Gaimoria is really about is to sign up for the pre-alpha below! More info and updates can also be caught on the game’s Twitter.

Sign-up for the pre-alpha here.

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