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Ghost of a Tale – Beta Access

We never knew the life of a mouse is such a tiresome miserable one, although filled with a lot of adventure and passion. Ghost of a Tale is a third person action adventure role-playing game that’s set in a medieval world populated by animals, where you play as a charming mouse minstrel named Tilo who’s on an intriguing adventure to find his true love Merra.

The story is interesting and your journey is entertaining as you’ll explore the world filled with secrets, navigating through its dangers as you utilize your nimbleness and going with the stealth approach in most situations as you face enemies more than twice your size. You’ll enjoy the game’s gorgeous visuals, fun gameplay, its adorable and charismatic main character as well as  chit-chatting with other friendly characters as you try to find your beloved.

Get Beta access with the full game here or here.

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