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Golf it! – Beta Access

Golf It! Some motivational words to usher you into a mini golf paradise. There’s something special about this bite-sized version of the sport, and we just love to smack a ball with a metal stick around hysterically weird and challenging courses. In this competitive mini golf sim, the player is given easy-to-use controls that are extremely fun to employ. You simply lock the ball in the direction you want to aim, enable the putter, and swing by dragging your mouse back then forward with the amount of velocity you desire. Mini golf is a strategy-driven sport, as such there are many paths to take or ways to get the ball to reach the end. Carefully put the ball to an easy-to-shoot-from spot, or smack that mofo off a building and see if you can bounce it to the goal area.

This beta mini golf title offers a nice variety of several courses, each with a bunch of challenging and diverse holes. The environments will take you from a cute town, to a mineshaft and even into a graveyard. The game itself is an enjoyable challenge, and it can be enjoyed with friends if you host your own game. When hosting, you’ll choose the course, amount of holes, and even the time limit. However there’s one feature of the game that’s really got my attention as an environment artist. The custom map mode literally gives you all the pieces of the game from chunks of the golf course, to the decorations and environment around the hole. You can set your course in literally any environment, from the caves to the graves, and select any and all parts you want to piece together to make your course. After that, add in some decorations and set pieces to make the place look rad, or to give your players something to make trick shots off of. Special effects and light fixtures are even available to finalize the overall look of your course. Golf It! has a lot going for it in this beta, and there’s hours of fun to be had alone or with friends, and you can even customize your ball color and trail effects to personalize your experience!

Get Beta access with the full game on Steam.

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