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Grappledrome – Alpha Access

Neon graphics, a first person online multiplayer shooter with speed-trial levels, and a hook-swing spiderman-style main gameplay mechanic, and Grappledrome has all of that? Well that’s just perfect!

The visuals are a pleasure to see if you’re a fan of the neon art style, and the controls as well as its hooking gameplay mechanic are smooth and tight, although the boost / jetpack needs a bit of work since it kills momentum when used for some reason.

Zipping around a level with other enemy players, snagging weapons off the ground and getting to shoot at each other is really fun! Especially if you utilize everything the game offers you in terms of its mechanics from swinging, boosting, gaining constant speed and flying, dodging and getting a hit on other players.

Get alpha access with the full game on Steam.

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