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Handle With Care – Game Jam Build Download

What to do with the world’s most valuable and sought after relics than put them all together in one room! You, as the new employee of this genius museum, are tasked with placing the last three items so that everything can be in its perfect place. The problem is that you’ve never worked at a museum before (and apparently never carried anything heavy) and have a terrible sense of a balance.

Handle with Care is a small, physics based challenge where you, as the new museum employee, need to move the last three relics without breaking anything else in the room, which is much easier said than done. You’ll stagger aimlessly whilst carrying these relics, all while trying to move around the precariously placed artifacts. The three artifacts have increased difficulty as you move on, from the one placed on the left being a bit of a breeze, to the one on the right being a terrible slog. You’ll gain points for how fast you can place the objects in their proper place, and lose points for knocking anything else down.

Handle with Care is a short, yet sweet experience. Watching your character’s spindly legs frantically trying to find a place to stand while you move these monstrously large relics is a sight to behold, and just funny enough that you don’t go insane with how completely inept he is. It’s completely finished, and an honestly enjoyable experience. Try to go for the high score.

Download the game jam build here.

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