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Hell is other Demons – Alpha Download

If hell is about shooting demons, grabbing gems and purchasing bodily augments, then sign me up! If you’re about that life (like I am) you don’t have to wait! Hell is Other Demons is a title that started out as a GBJam entry that grew until it became the delicious little action packed platform shooter it is now. The current version is an alpha, but not as barebones and buggy as you would expect for this early stage of development. In this one, you’re a little demon dude who hops around a little arena map and shoots hordes of demons of all types that spawn around you. They drop gems and health, so you’ll most likely never take your finger off the trigger, there’s no need to!

There’s a little overworld level select map that unlocks the next space after you clear a stage. There’s also the shop, where you can purchase upgrades for your little demon body. Triple jump, gun boots, health boost there’s a stupid amount to choose from, and all the more incentive to get out there and blast the precious jewels out of those demon’s bodies. There’s an array of different types of demons as you may have guessed. Little flying skulls, winged eyeballs that resemble the mutant scarfy enemy from Kirby’s Dream Land, and some more menacing foes await. Each of these punks have their own unique method of attack. Eyeball dudes shoot fireballs at you, flying skulls will just hone in on you and fly into you, and there’s even this disturbing ghost that floats and summons homing fireballs. The game is about nonstop firing and jumping on demons, yeah, you can jump on them and do damage that way. Here’s a fun trick: when a group of flying skulls appear, get a head start by jumping up and letting them fly at you. When they attack from below, you’ll just keep bouncing off their heads with no effort!

Download the alpha build on the game’s tigsource forum post.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.


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