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Help! – Prototype Download

Easy come, easy go. Your girl’s been kidnapped by some law-breakin desperados, and in this dusty pixel land of the west, you’re gonna get her back. It might appear to be a laid-back, sandy paradise in the dry hot land forgotten by rain, but just a few steps further in and you’ll see just how unforgiving and dark this world can be. In Help!, the player is dropped right into the Wild West, rendered with an awesome pixel art style and full of death at every turn. Make your way through the desert, following your lady’s cries for help until you reach the foreboding bandit camp, signified by the fence-posts and campfires. The player can take 5 hits before dying, and holds up to 99 bullets for that six-shooter revolver. Be mindful of that slow, bullet-by-bullet reload however, because if you end up in a shootout and run dry while there’s still baddies running about, you’re gonna need to run and hide or start dancin!

In this prototype, the sound and gameplay are fitted nicely together with the visuals to create an excellently immersive arcade experience. Help! is a great top-down radial shooter that proves quite challenging. Reaching the damsel in distress isn’t so simple a task, and even if you manage to make it that far you’re gonna have to lead the lady out of the camp back to safety. Sure you might have mowed down every dirt bag camping out with your girl as their prize, but once you free her they’ll have reinforcements to keep you from stealing her back! In a sort of Ashley Graham style follower mechanic (remember RE4?), you can warn the girl to wait at a location so she’s safe while you enter a shootout, and follow you again when the way is clear. Getting in seemed easy at this point, cause unlike you, the girl takes one shot and she’s a goner! Help! is crazy addicting with neat visuals and a more than fair rendering of a pixelated Wild West, with planned updates in the future!

Download the prototype build here.

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