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Hero Blocks – Alpha Sign-up

Earth will become a run-down wasteland in the near future, that much is for sure. Hero Blocks: The Skeletoonian takes you there, but the humans are gone (finally thank you!). The closest thing resembling the cancerous existence of humanity are the Skeletoonians, robot toys that we ourselves engineered to accompany every family. They clean your house, they entertain your kids, they also play soccer with their heads? After the humans are extinct, the Skeletoonians continue on existing, only running on their voltage source which is hard to come by these days (I guess the electricity factories stop producing voltage when the people aren’t there to pull the levers and make it?). Now that the Skeletoonians are searching for voltage to power themselves, it’s going to get really weird on earth, and there’s only one thing that would result from this.

Earth has become a literal MOBA. Combat-oriented multiplayer battle arenas everywhere, as far as your optical receptors’ view distance is calibrated to, and beyond. Actually, why don’t you rip off your head and see how far you can kick it? Maybe you’ll get a better view? It looks like you’ll be battling other Skeletoonians over who gets the voltage sources that are discovered when digging through the remains of yesterday’s society. When a Skeletoonian runs out of voltage, they enter eternal hibernation, and no one wants that. The only logical thing is to spend your limited electrical supply by exerting yourself in combat. Who needs common sense when the humans are gone? It’s too late to preserve anything or save the planet, so go nuts.

Sign-up for the alpha on the game’s website.

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