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HEVN – Beta Sign-up

We’re off to the future again, because it’s probably way better than the now. 2128 sounds like a reasonable jump, I wonder what’s happening then? The Earth is excessively hot, overpopulated and the societal structure has been divided up by the technology possessed. Sounds a lot like 2017 actually, maybe there’s something else going on that’s pretty rad. How about a mining mission on a planetoid far away from Earth? Sounds like a plan, I was getting flashbacks of summer vacation on the Ft. Myers strip in Florida with all these sweaty people and this humidity. The allure of a distant world draws us far away from home. And when you’re not back where your support system resides, survival may become an actual fight for your life.

As Sebastian Mar, you’ve taken on a mission that will send you far away from home, where you’ll be working to survive and learn how to keep the balance between staying alive, and following company protocol. To keep you in check, you’ve got a “buddy” who sounds suspiciously like HAL 3000 to keep you company. Health and fatigue are of course constant concerns, but to truly maintain your health, you need to get a grip when things get hot. If your mission starts to go wrong, it takes a lot to keep your cool when you know that one simple mishap could spell your end. If your protective gear or housing is compromised, it’s game over. To make sure things don’t go from bad to worse, you need to make sure Sebastian’s state of mind is tranquil enough to remember to put on a helmet before stepping out of the station. HEVN will be a survival game that will test the player’s resolve when faced with elements that work to bring about their end, and the beta will be available in the Spring!

Sign-up for the beta on the game’s website.

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