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Hotel Z – Game Jam Download

As you may or may not know, Ludum Dare 37’s theme was “One Room”. Developer Ajmal Rizni along with composer Craig Barnes put together Hotel Z, a top down radial shooter set in a hotel suite with three sections. Now being a jam game, it’s fairly short, but let’s cover the basics to start with. The object is to wipe out the invading zombies that enter your suite. Get a score for kills, and keep going for the highest score you can get. Game over is dictated by two things: Death of all three playable characters, and depleting the furniture damage meter. Zombies will either attack player characters, or kamikaze themselves into the furniture, causing the damage meter to go down. Now the meter replenishes itself, so there’s an element of tactical play thrown in. Try to avoid shooting the furniture yourself, and keep the zombies from jumping on the bed. Each of the three characters have different weapons and movement speed, but all three have the same amount of health. Unfortunately, while playing as one character, the other two are stagnant, and don’t move or attack unless the player takes control of them by pressing the space bar to cycle through the characters.

The first player (and the one I found to be the most effective) has a semi-automatic blaster that fires large spheres of energy. The hit radius is pretty large, so precision is key, even with the disadvantage of projectile size. Character two throws up to three time bombs. This is practically useless as you might end up simply blowing up the furniture, so keep him in a corner somewhere. Character three has a flamethrower and moves very slowly. The flamethrower is weak, but has a wide spread and far reach. Not a very good idea near furniture, so I let him die. The game has an interesting old television set post process overlay, and a great soundtrack to accompany the game’s atmosphere. Fast-paced, and very addicting, Hotel Z is a great pick up and play title that will have you scurrying about your hotel suite trying to save the housekeeper’s work to a minimum, lest you get thrown out for hosting a telly party like Kiss did in the 70’s and 80’s.

Download the game jam build here.

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