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Hoverbike Joust – Alpha Download

It’s been a while since we got a game about hoverbike racing. Hoverbike Joust is a arcade racing game that doesn’t have punching, kicking or weapons. Just pure racing and knowing when to make that perfect turn and boost.

Enjoy normal yet intense racing with a check point system so you don’t have those pesky cheating tactics, and at some point you’ll enjoy a Capture the Flag mode which sounds pretty fun to be put in a racing game. For now the game offers little features and content, but soon that will increase with customizable bikes and riders, a variety of tracks, multiplayer and other game modes.

Download the alpha build here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

One thought to “Hoverbike Joust – Alpha Download”

  1. Pretty fun! Didn’t encounter any bugs. The joust is way more fun than the racing for me (maybe it’s because I’m not great at the racing). I found the trick is to lift your front or back end up with the stick in order to knock off opponents without falling off yourself. You don’t have to go that fast either.

    Lots of fun, I’m excited to see what Capture the Flag will be like. That’s usually my favorite gamemode in any game.

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