How To Make an Animated Gif

We’ve received a few messages a while back on how we go about making our animated gifs. We’d love to share our process for making gifs.

It’s a combination of a software you have to download and start with first to make the gif, and then using a useful site to which we’d optimize the gif.

Go ahead and download Video Gif Converter here and install it on your PC.

Once installed, launch it and click the browse button then select the video you want to make a gif from.

On the bottom you can select the time frame. We usually go for 10 to 15 seconds long.

Choose the resolution of the gif. We usually go for 640 x 360 [Meaning the video’s aspect ratio must be a 16:9]

Choose how many frames per second are extracted. We usually go for 10 frames, or 8 frames if the size of the gif is big.

Click the next button then on the bottom left select the “Excellent Quality” , keep the play speed the same as source, then click the “Make Gif” button and once done save it somewhere.

Make sure that the gif that you made is below 16 MB.

After that go to  then upload the gif that you make to that page. Once the upload is done you’ll see your gif and below is an selection of optimization methods.

First select “remove every 2nd frame” under “Drop Frames” and hit the optimize button. Below the new gif is a optimization button / cogwheel icon, click it.

Now select “Lossy GIF level 140 (heavy)” under “Lossy GIFF optimization” and hit the optimization button.

Once it’s done, save the newly optimized gif that should be around 3 MB or lower regarding our standards of gif size.

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