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Infinite Minigolf – Pre-Beta Access

A stick, a ball and a hole is all you need to have a fun match of golf. Infinite Minigolf is an arcade minigolf game that’s the sequel to Planet Minigolf, set in a teenager’s room where you play on cardboard cutout tracks with various items you’d expect from your average teenager.

Aside from the basics of trying to accurately shoot the ball in the correct direction, speed and precise timing, you’ll be utilizing power-ups found in the game that will aid you in collecting more points or reach desired locations and pass certain obstacles. You’ll also customize your character and unlock different clothing items to do so, as well as enjoy the game’s course editor to produce your custom tracks, share them with other players and downloading and playing other’s courses as well.

It’s a great looking game with a fun looking art style and animations as well as a very relaxing and enjoyable gameplay experience filled with a lot of options to provide you with high replay value, and a game to enjoy with your family or friends.

Get pre-beta access with the full game here.

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